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Furazabol is a derivative of the anabolic steroid stanozolol (dihydrotestosterone). It differs from stanozolol by an annular furazan group (oxadiazole) instead of the pyrazole group. Furazabol is marketed under the trade name Miotolan, previously registered by Daiichi Seiyaku (Japan).

Furazabol is methylated at C17, which allows peroral administration but can also have hepatotoxic effects (liver damage). The steroid is used by athletes in athletics and in bodybuilding for the performance increase. Although it has a relatively good androgen to anabolic ratio (75-95: 270-330), it is not very common because of its low half-life of about 4 hours.

Furazabol reduces the blood fats and is used as a standard medicine for high cholesterol. It increases the HDL value (the good cholesterol) and lowers the LDL value (the bad cholesterol) in the same way.

Until 1990 Furazabol could not be detected by any doping tests. It was thus possible for the athletes to take steroids even on the day of the competition without being discovered.

Side effects:

Headache, convulsions, displacement of HDL and LDL values, increased blood pressure, nose bleeding, increased liver values, prostate growth, hair loss, liver damage, increased myocardial infarction and stroke risk, body hair growth, joint pain
Women: hair loss, beard growth, and voice indentation

Doping information:

The use of furazabol (oral) is detectable up to 14 days after taking.

Application / dosage:

In bodybuilding circles one speaks of dosages between 15 – 30 mg / day. As the tablets usually contain 1mg of active ingredient, this corresponds to 15 to 30 tablets per day. The efficacy of the individual tablets is relatively short, so a multiple intake of four to five times a day is necessary.

Black market price / availability:

An ampoule with 30mg of active substance (50ml) costs about 60 – 80 euros on the black market. The price of tablets is similar. A tablet with 1mg active ingredient costs about 2 – 3 Euro. Due to the high price Furazabol has not been able to get through.


Furazabol is rarely faked as there is very little demand.


Furazobol, furazabol, miotolone, myotolone

Trade name / manufacturer:

Miotolan / Daiichi Seiyaku Japan
Orastan-A / Gaspari Nutrition
Frazalon /
Myotolone /
Bulk manufacturers from China are, for example: Hangzhou Dayangchem Co. Ltd., Kinbester Co., Ltd. Or Leap Labchem Co., Ltd

Chemical information:Furazabol - Furazalon - Molekularformel

Molecular Formula: C20H30N2O2
Molecular weight: 330,464 g / mol
Monoisotopic mass: 330.230713 Da

Composition: 17α-methyl-5α-androsta-2,3-furazan-17β-ol

(5α, 16β, 17β) -17-Methylandrostano [2,3-c] [1,2,5] oxadiazole-16,17-diol; 17-methyl-5α-androstano [2,3-c] furazan-16β, 17β-diol;
(1S, 3aS, 3bR, 5aS, 10aS, 10bS, 12aS) -1,10a, 12a-trimethyl-2,3,3a, 3b, 4,5,5a, 6,10,10a, 10b, 11,12, 12a-tetradecahydro-1 H -cyclopenta [7,8] phenanthro [2,3-c] [1,2,5] oxadiazol-1-ol

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