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Since anabolic steroids were first identified in the 1930s as being able to duplicate the effects of the body’s naturally produced hormone, testosterone, they have been used to artificially enhance its function. Testosterone, in part, helps to assimilate protein in the muscle tissue to promote healthy muscle growth and health which is why synthetic anabolic steroids such as Methandrostenolone, or Dianabol as it is also known, have become such a controversial issue in the sporting world. Random testing of athletes for the illegal use of performance enhancing drugs is now routinely done, and it is done because of the ever increasing competitive nature of sport today.

With the astronomical sums of money paid to the world’s top sports persons the pressure to perform is constant. For some athletes steroids have become a dangerous, but highly tempting option. A number of top athletes have been found guilty of supplementing their natural sporting abilities with synthetic steroids to maintain an edge over their sporting rivals. It is a practice which is frowned upon exactly because it is supplementary and gives these athletes an unfair and unnatural advantage over opponents. This is not the only concern regarding the widespread misuse of steroids; most medical professionals also believe that the long-term use of anabolic steroids by normal, healthy individuals will have various negative effects on their bodies and minds. This is not what was intended by the medical men who first identified and isolated anabolic steroids back in the 1930s.

Research into the strength-building properties of gonadal steroids was started in the late 19th century and their isolation in the 1930s was an exciting development in medicine. The subsequent production of synthetic testosterone was welcomed in the medical community for its ability to assist those who suffered from conditions that cause the wasting of muscle tissue and bone density. In the fight against the worldwide AIDS epidemic steroids have also become valuable tools in inducing critical weight gain in persons suffering from this, or any other, wasting disease. But it is the ability of this steroid to dramatically increase muscle production and strength which opens it up to abuse despite continued warnings from the medical profession of the possible effects of such abuse.

The long-term use of synthetic anabolic steroids by persons whose bodies naturally produce sufficient quantities of testosterone has numerous side-effects; one of the most notorious of these is the sometimes volatile temperaments of users. Hormone imbalances are medically proven to have dramatic effects on the personality; ask any menopausal woman. Both male and female users of anabolic steroids run the risk of developing dangerously high cholesterol levels. An over supply of testosterone, despite the belief by some to the contrary, does not mean an abundance of manliness; it can, in fact, produce a few results that men will definitely not want advertised. The prolonged use of drugs such as Dianabol has been known to shrink the testicles and can cause swelling of the breast tissue in men; making them appear more like women’s breasts. Less dramatic complications may be acne, oily skin and water retention, and the long-term use of steroids has also been known to cause baldness in men. Females who use steroids for prolonged periods do not escape unpleasant consequences.

Among other functions the androgenic properties of anabolic steroids control the growth of the vocal cords and women who use these drugs may experience the growth of an Adam’s-apple and a deepening tone of voice. Women may also fall victim to unwanted body hair, the more masculine appearance of their breasts and unwarranted displays of aggression.
Reports of the widespread use of anabolic steroids by the German army during WWII to increase its level of aggression have never been confirmed, but it certainly gives weight to the warnings of the, generally unwelcome, side-effects of the use of steroids. It seems far too high a price to pay for the temporary, artificial enhancement of stamina and muscle definition. The fact that any perceived benefits of steroid use are only temporary is often overlooked by many users of these drugs. The sudden withdrawal of steroids after prolonged use may cause a host of medical problems including severe adrenal conditions.

Although Methandrostenolone / Dianabol has been banned in many countries it remains in production in others and is often easily available for purchase on the black market. Prospective users would be wise to do a good amount of research into the consequences of its use before committing to a decision to use it.

Side effects:
testicles shrink, swelling of the breast tissue in men (bitchtits), acne, oily skin and water retention, baldness.
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Usage / dosage:
Methandrostenolon is available as pills for oral usage or as injectable solution. It is also possible to use the injectable solution as oral.
Bodybuilders typical dosages are 30 – 50 mg/Day. Best practice is a constant application to keep the plasma on an equal level.

The above mentioned dosage informations are not a medical advise or dosage advice. The dosage usage and informations are just informations from Bodybuilders who use or have used these active substances. The dosage information should not be regarded as universally valid.
If you are thinking of using steroids or similar substances, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Black-market price / availability (in Europe):
The availability of Methandrostenolon ist very good. 1000 pills á 5mg cost between 125 and 175 Euro. Reforvit is available in 50 ml bottles mit 25mg/ml and cost around 30 – 50 Euro.

There are a lot of counterfeits available.


Methandrostenolon, Naposim, Methandienon, Methandienone, Methandrostenolone

Brandnames / Companys:

Anabol Tablets (Thais) / The British Dispensary, Thailand, UG-Lab
Anabolikum. 2.5% / Meca Veterinary
Anabolin / Leiras, Frankreich (nicht mehr im Handel)
Andoredan / Takeshima-Kodama, Japan
Averbol (injizierbare Form)/ British Dragon (UG-Lab)
Bionabol / Balkanpharma, Bulgarien
Danabol DS / Body Research Ltd. (BR) (UG-Lab)
Dialone / Major, USA
Dianabol / Ciba, GB, USA (nicht mehr im Handel)
Encephan / Sato, Japan
Metanabol / Polfa, Polen
Methanabol (Tabletten) / British Dragon (UG-Lab)
Methandrostenolone / Ttokkyo Labs
Methandrostenolonum / Company Unknown, Russland
Naposim / Terapia, Ranbaxy
Nerobol / Galenika
Nerobol / Gedeon Richter
Stenolon / Leciva, Tchechien

Chemical information:

Methandrostenolon Methandrostenolone - Molekularformel

Molekularformular: C20H28O2
Molekularweight: 300.441
Monoisotopic Mass: 300.208923 Da
Half-life period: 4,5 – 6 hours


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