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Oxymetholone is an extremely powerful and effective oral steroid. Oxymetholone was launched in 1960 by Syntex under the brand name Anapolon.
Oxymetholone has a very strong androgenic and intense anabolic effect. The liver is strongly loaded by the active substance oxymetholone, since it is 17-alpha-alkylated. Almost the entire proportion of active ingredients passes through the liver without being destroyed.

Oxymetholone is used in building for building up mass and is an active ingredient which can convert to estrogen in high doses and also has an intense progesterone effect, which also explains the mass increases that can be achieved with this steroid. Increases in the double-digit kilogram range after only a few weeks of use are normal when using Oxymetholone. Although it should be noted that these increases consist mostly of water and fat.

A strict diet and the concomitant use of tamoxifen citrate and mesterolone can significantly reduce water accumulation in the body so that a noticeable increase in firm muscle mass is possible.

Oxymetholone increases the number of red blood cells and allows the muscles to absorb more oxygen.
This results in a higher endurance and thus better performance. Bodybuilders report big power reserves on the one hand, but also a pronounced, partially painful “pump”, so that they had to finish the individual exercises after only a few repetitions and first had to train another muscle.

The cited “steroid pump” manifests itself after the intake of oxymetholone in an extreme form and the athlete experiences a corresponding feeling during his training. The high-level androgenic effect of oxymetholone stimulates the regeneration of the body so that it is unlikely to override. The athlete often has the feeling that he can start again from the beginning hours after a strenuous workout. The training pauses can be massively reduced. Here dangers await the joints and bones, which are not accustomed to this stress. Joint pain due to excessive weight is not a rarity.
The reason why Anapolon is still used in professional and competitive bodybuilding today is that Anapolon is considered a strong IGF-1 trigger, which means that the intake of anapolone increases IGF-1 production. IGF-1 is a very strong anabolic hormone.


Anapolon was originally used in bone marrow disease and anemia (blood deficiency) because the active ingredient oxymetholone has the ability to increase the number of red blood cells.

Side effects:

Increased blood pressure, severe acne, accelerated hair loss, liver function disorders (scientific studies suggest long-term use of liver cancer), gynecomastia, insomnia, diarrhea, headache, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, nasal bleeding, dizziness.

Oxymetholone is one of the most damaging oral steroids. It is considered to cause cancer.

Application / Dosage:

It is an oral steroid and is presented in tablet form. Many bodybuilders in the advanced range use 50 – 150 mg / day. The duration of a spa is between 4 and 6 weeks. In the professional field dosages between 75 – 300 mg / day can be found.
It is neither suitable for beginners nor for women.

Black market prices / availability:

Original Anapolon was produced until 1990. At that time, Anapolon-50 cost about 325 DMark for 1000 tablets of 50mg active ingredient oxymetholone. Nowadays, oxymetholone (anapolon) is mainly produced in Turkey and England. Anapolon-50 is now traded on the black market between 15 – 30 Euro per 20 pcs.

It is very well available on the black market.

The dosage information given here is not intended as a dosage recommendation or medical advice. These are statements by bodybuilders who have used or used these active ingredients. The dosages should never be regarded as generally valid. If you are using the idea of using steroids or similar, ask a doctor or pharmacist.


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Trade Name / Manufacturer:

Anapolon / Syntex
Anapolon / Ibrahim
Oxitosona / Syntex, Spain (Off-trade)
Androlic / British Dispensary (UG-Lab)
Anadrol – Oxyanabolic / Asia Pharma (UG-Lab)
Oxymetholone 50 / Alhavi, Iran

Kanestron / Loeffler, Mexico
Anabrol 50 / Brovel, Mexico


Anapolon is very often fake in Europe especially English and Turkish products

Chemical information:Oxymetholon - Oxymetholone - Molekularformel

Molecular structure: C21H32O3
Molecular weight: 332,477 g / mol
Monoisotopic mass: 332.235138 Da
Half-life: approx. 9 hours

(2Z, 5α, 17β) -17-hydroxy-2- (hydroxymethylene) -17-methylandrostan-3-one
(2S, 5S, 8R, 9S, 10S, 13S, 14S, 17S) 17-hydroxy-2- (hydroxymethylidene) -10,13,17-trimethylhexadecahydro-3H-cyclopenta [a] phenanthren-3-one