Testosterone suspension

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Testosterone suspension is unesterified testosterone, which can be injected in water dispersed. Due to a half-life of just a few hours, daily injections are necessary, with many athletes injecting several times a day. Testosterone suspension is not particularly suitable for long-term use for doping purposes, since daily or multiple daily injections are not for everyone. Before a competition where a dopingtest is expected, testosterone suspension is used gladly because it is only very briefly in the body detectable. Testosterone suspension is mainly used by professional athletes to replace the effects of other steroids in the short term. In the bodybuilding sector, it is used in conjunction with other steroids such as Dianabol and Anapolon (oxymetholone) in so-called stacks application whereby a turbo boost can be achieved at the beginning of the cure.

Women and steroid beginners generally do not use testosterone suspension.

Side effects:

Hypertension, acne vulgaris, gynecomastia, sexual hyperstimulation, increased water retention, edema, more frequent erections, testicular atrophy, reduced spermatogenesis, increased aggressiveness, voice depression, accelerated hair loss

Application / dosage:

In bodybuilding, athletes often apply doses of 50-100 mg once or twice a day to bridge the last days before a competition.
Another application is to combine testosterone suspension with other steroids so as to have an immediate effect at the beginning of the cure. However, this is only useful in the first few weeks.

The dosage information given here is not intended as a dosage recommendation or medical advice. These are statements by bodybuilders who have used or used these active ingredients. The dosages should never be regarded as generally valid. If you are using the idea of using steroids or similar, ask a doctor or pharmacist.

Black market prices / availability:

A 2 ml ampoule with 50mg active ingredient costs about 4,00 – 6,00 Euro on the black market.
Testosterone suspension is well available on the black market.


Testosterone suspension, test suspension

Trade name / manufacturer:

Agovirine depot / biotics
Androlin / Lincoln, USA
Andronaq-50 / Central, USA
Andronaq LA /
Histerone Injection / Roberts, USA
Malogen / Forest Pharm USA
Malotrone / Bluco USA
Testolin / Pasadena Res., USA
Testosterone-Aqueous / Legere USA
Testosterone-Aqueous / Schein, Steris USA


On the Black Market you can find Testosterone suspensions fakes from time to time.

Chemical Information: Testosteron - Testosterone - Molekularformel

Molecular formula: C19H28O2
Molecular weight: 288.4244 g / mol
Monoisotopic mass: 288.208923 Da

Half-life: 22 – 23 hours

(17β) -17-hydroxy-androst-4-en-3-one
(8R, 9S, 10R, 13S, 14S, 17S) -17-hydroxy-10,13-dimethyl-1,2,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16, 17-tetradecahydro-3H-cyclopenta [a] phenanthren-3-one