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The synthesis of Stanozolol was first described in 1956 and signed shortly afterwards by Winthrop Laboratories patent. Three years later the first Stanozolol containing medicines have been available under the global brand name Winstrol. As indicated back then were increase in appetite, tissue structure, and treatment of osteoporosis, reduced growth in young people and the improvement of the general condition in the elderly. The indications were however were revised over time, so that today only the treatment of osteoporosis and growth retardation is left over

Stanozolol Today is officially used both in human and in veterinary medicine.

In bodybuilding Stanozolol belongs to the classic steroids and is very popular. Especially female bodybuilders like it. Since it helps maintain muscle mass during dieting, and simultaneously ensures that the drainage of subcutaneous fat is being driven, it is for many bodybuilders a virtually mandatory steroid in the preparation stage of competitions.

Side effects:

Headaches, cramps, shift the HDL and LDL levels, increased blood pressure, elevation of liver enzymes, prostate growth, hair loss, liver damage, increased heart attack and stroke risk, body hair growth.

Women: hair loss, facial hair and voice deepening

Doping Information:

As doping agents Stanozolol succeeded for the first time in the 90s, but a doubtful renown as the sprinter Ben Johnson was tested positive for this steroid.

The intake of Stanozolol tablets can be detected up to 3 weeks, Stanozolol depot (injection version) can be detected up to 2 months.

Application / dosage:

Bodybuilders often use a dosage from 50 to 100 mg every second day (injection). When taken orally, 50 – 60 mg per day. Stanozolol is often used together with other steroids (stacked) in order to increase the efficiency.

The dosage information here do not follow the dosage recommendations prescribed by a physician or medical advice. It’s information used by bodybuilders who are using these drugs or have used these drugs. The dosages are not to be considered as generally applicable. If you wish to use steroids, ask a doctor or pharmacist.

Black Market Price / Availability:

One ampoule Stanozolol (1ml) with 50 mg of active ingredient cost from 3.50 to 10.00 euros in the black market.

A box of 20 tablets with each tablet containing 2 mg Stanozolol cost 5.00 and 15.00 euros.

Winstrol Depot (injectable solution) is well available in the black market. The tablet version is usually not commonly found.


Many fakes of Stanozolol are available.


Winstrol, Winstrol Depot, Stanolol, Estanozolol, Stromba, Strombaject

Brandnames / Companies:

Winstrol / Zambon until 2008, nowadays DESMA, Spain
Stanovis / Wyla Pharma Co.Ltd, Bangladesh
Anazol / XELOX, Manila

Chemical Information:

Stanozolol Molekularformel

Molekular Formula: C21H32N2O
Molekular Weight: 328.492 g/mol
Monoisotopic Mass: 328.251465 Da
Half-life: 24 hours

CAS: 10418-03-8


Cyclopenta[5,6]naphth[1,2-f]indazol-1-ol, 1,2,3,3a,3b,4,5,5a,6,7,10,10a,10b,11,12,12a-hexadecahydro-1,10a,12a-trimethyl-, (1S,3aS,3bR,5aS,10aS,10bS,12aS)-