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Yohimbine is an alkaloid, which is said to lead to an increased fat loss especially in the problem areas. It acts to promote blood circulation, thus increases e.g. The pump during training or helps in warming up before a bodybuilding competition. It also promotes the blood circulation of the genitals and is contained in small amounts in various aphrodisiacs. It is also often prescribed as a remedy for impotence. Furthermore, yohimbine develops a weak MAO-inhibiting property and thus increases the duration of some drugs.

Yohimbine is available in tablet form, or in the form of creams. The Yohimbin cream is applied locally (topically) in order to process problem zones in a targeted manner.

Side effects:

Anxiety, restlessness, nervousness, sweating, increased urge to move, drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, hypotension or hypertension, cardiac arrhythmia, cardiac arrhythmia, skin redness, headaches

Interactions with other substances:

When taking tricyclic antidepressants at the same time, the effects of the antidepressants may be increased.
The effect of yohimbine can not be predicted in patients with hypertension. A yohimbine application therefore requires a regular monitoring of the blood pressure.
Simultaneous intake of clonidine. Clonidine is an active substance used mainly in hypertension drugs. Yohimbine and clonidine cancel each other out in their effect.
Other antihypertensive agents: effects and side effects can be enhanced.

Food which should be avoided during a yohimbine application:

All food with the active ingredient tyramine, since this is not compatible with yohimbine. In combination, various side effects such as headache, neck stiffness and cardiac / circulatory problems can be enhanced.
The consumption of pineapples, bananas, beans, sauerkraut, beer, wine, chocolate, cheese, poultry liver and yeast extract should be avoided, or at least greatly reduced.

Field of use:

Erectile dysfunction (impotence), fat burning

Application / dosage:

Erectile dysfunction is recommended by the manufacturer 3 times daily 5-10mg. This amount also coincides with the general recommendations to support a diet. In order to promote the blood circulation before the training or competition, i.d.R. 5-15mg about 30-60 minutes previously mentioned.

In case of erectile dysfunction the dosage is 2 – 3x 5mg / day and, as opposed to Viagra®, requires a regular intake, as it takes a start-up time of 2-3 weeks for this purpose.

For athletes who want to reduce depot fat, a dose of 2-3 x 10 mg / day is recommended to achieve significant results.

It should be noted, however, that yohimbin HCL is not taken with meals, as the insulin release caused by carbohydrates counteracts the receptor-blocking effect. The intake is always one hour before meals. The intake period is usually 8 weeks, or during the competition preparation in bodybuilding 4-6 weeks before the date.

To support the effect of Yohimbin HCL, many athletes reduce carbohydrate intake and continue to perform regular their training sessions. In order for the fatty acids released from the fat cells to get clean out of the body, some bodybuilders support their yohimbine cure by taking L-carnitine paralally.

The dosage information given here is not intended as a dosage recommendation or medical advice. These are statements by bodybuilders who have used or used these active ingredients. The dosages should never be regarded as generally valid. If you are using the idea of using steroids or similar, ask a doctor or pharmacist.

Black market prices / availability:

Yohimbin HCL is prescription in Germany and can be obtained in many pharmacies.
One dose of 100 tablets and 10mg of active ingredient per tablet costs 25.00 – 60.00 euros on the black market.

It is moderately available on the black market.

Alternatively, there are recipe-free Yohimbe products, e.g. Yohimbe Bark Extract. Many suppliers lure here with high dosages at reasonable prices. 750mg yohimbe bark extract correspond to about 8-10 mg yohimbine, but bodybuilders often report that the Yohimbin HCL variant is much better suited for fat burning.


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Trade Name / Manufacturer:

Yohimbine mirror / Desma
Yocon-Glenwood / Glenwood
Yohimbin HCL / International Pharmaceuticals (Underground Lab)
Dayto himbin

Chemical / biological information:Yohimbin - Yohimbine - Molekularformel

Yohimbine – Yohimbine Molecular Formula

Molecular Formula: C21H26N2O3
Molecular weight 354.443 g / mol
Monoisotopic mass: 354.194336 Da

Yohimban-16-carboxylic acid, 17-hydroxy-, methyl ester, (16α, 17α)
Methyl- (16α, 17α) -17-hydroxyjohimban-16-carboxylate